U.S. vs T.H.E.M: an end to our uphill battle in sight?

We all know Obama is a leftist Socialist spend-o-cratic possibly-feminist radical-Christian (and secretly a Muslim at the same time), but no one, repeat, NO ONE saw this streak of madness coming:

Sending a message of good will to Iran without threatening U.N. sanctions?  It goes further: not only did he not carry a big stick of intimidation tactics, he actually– get this– said something so inflammatory I cannot bear to type it and must copy-paste instead:

“So let me sat this as clearly as I can: The United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel safe to be an American anymore.  He might as well have invited the terrorists over to dinner at the Pentagon!  What happened to Bush and his promised “Crusade” following 9/11?  How did we get away from the days when we could rely on our Administration to threaten a military attack on Iran for its nuclear tech?

But no, that isn’t all.  He tarnished America’s good name further nearly a month ago.  Remember Cuba, which if you’ll recall, America was doing its duty trying to democratize?  He destroyed a whole eight years of hard policy all at once.  Our Slanderer-in-Chief has offered Cuban Americans the right to visit their country and fraternize with their Communist buddies, and once there, allow them to stay as long as they want. Nothing like Bush’s once-every-three-years policy a la 2004.

Worst of all, he’s explicitly letting Cuban Americans fund the enemy: they’re now allowed to send remittances, or cash, if only he spoke plain English, back to their family in the dictatorship homeland.

Why the nation hasn’t erupted in outrage as it should, I’ll never know.  I’m doing my civil duty and leaving my pitchfork at the door.  Never know when he’ll let our enemies march right in.

~ ~ ~

If you like the good honest truth you read here, I want you to read and follow up with a good friend of mine, Kyle from Georgia, author of “My Conservative Fury.” Send him my best wishes.


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