An Old Conviction, but New Convicting Evidence

Allow me to begin this counter-argument with a jpeg to justify posting about this, as opposed to news of Obama’s meetings with Venezuela:

Someone is Wrong on the Internet

It began, as so many Forum Wars do, with an absurdly long list of responses at the end of someone else’s article who had long since moved on and lost all power over the flow of discussion. “LukeAmerica2000,” Conservative blogger and self-fashioned satirist, had compiled a list of 101 signs seen at the recent Boston tea Party protests (see post below for more details). The majority of the early posts regarded the policies of the Liberal Party, calling them first irresponsible, then irrational, then Communist. Then Obama’s race was mentioned.

I entered at this point:

“Everytime somebody who white criticizes him, the charge of racism automaticly flys out. I live in the deep south & I hear this charge from black Americans all the time. This does nothing but stifle free constitutional speech & widen racial lines. The real racists are Obama & NAACP. Honestly, if a white public official said even a small portion of the things against blacks that they have said about whites & other races, there would be all you know what to pay. The double standard that exists in this country that allows blacks to say or do what they want with immunity, while other races are ostracized, only adds to the problem.”

I have been in enough class discussions to know that at least one person will shout this out if the subject of the discussion links to racism. A double standard.

On the contrary. I told them this:

You have grown up in a world with a handful of wealthy African-Americans to be figureheads to make black people seem less poor and discriminated-against as a whole than they are in the rest of society. If you don’t think black people are treated worse than white people, take a college Psychology course.
Studies on thousands of people have shown that people inherently suspect black people of committing crimes, based entirely on appearance. Given identical resumes, a business is more than twice as likely to call the white person in for an interview. Black people are pulled over at “random” checkpoints more often, and are many times more likely to receive the death sentence for the same crime as a white person who doesn’t receive it. Even being helped in the grocery store, or in buying a car from the dealership, the white person is more often helped and the black person is left alone, the white person is given a better deal and the black person might even be told they’re sold out.
Now before this forum says another word about race, keep in mind that the judges in all the above situations– who falsely convict, who deny them jobs, who deny them service– were everyday white Americans. The reverse does happen, I do admit. Affirmative Action is meant to be stronger than the bias of the people who otherwise color-code the resumes.
But, if I might add, in the follow-up interviews to the people in the studies, none of them described themselves as racist. And only some admitted they had discriminated after seeing their own numbers.

It’s something to watch out for, before speaking your own mind so idly. If they call you racist, it’s only because they never want to see that ethnic background alone will give them the short end of the stick.


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