Something to Link About

Click here to see who’s been fraternizing with the enemy again.

I normally have a policy of never saying myself what someone else has already said better.

Here’s the small dose of Editorial that would accompany the brief article, assuming you have now clicked the foreboding link:

If a U.S. anyone, let alone the President thereof, can make “one of the most anti-American leaders in the entire world” laugh, perhaps that’s a good thing.  If a nation’s leader can joke with that nation’s greatest enemy, perhaps there might be hope for a relaxing of tensions between the two nations.  Perhaps it means the opposing president won’t go so far as to withdraw his ambassador and call the U.S. president “the devil” in the next four years.

The chuckles happened on Friday.  On Saturday, Chavez announced his intentions to appoint a new ambassador to the U.S.

I once said that the use of the term “Progressive” to describe a political party was cheesy.  I now revoke that statement.


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