How the Environmentalists Want to Control America. No, really.

Americans will always have an enemy to rally against in the name of freedom. First the British, then the North/South, then the Germans, then the banks, then the Germans again, not to mention the Japanese. The past century has seen enemies ranging from Communism to The Government, Hippies and Republicans. More recently we’ve rallied against China, the banks once again, and some group or groups of people in the Middle East, though some Americans weren’t exactly sure who. In every decade, someone has always been diligently out to take America away from the people.

This time, it’s those nonprofit organizers and the crooked politicians down at the Green Party– the menaces seen by Steven Milloy in his shocking exposé, “Green Hell.”

This isn't what the book cover itself looks like; this is just my visual interpretation of its contents.
This isn't what the book cover itself looks like; this movie came out decades before. Picture the blue behemoth as a governmental conspiracy, though...

Done being afraid of the Red Scare? Well, arm yourself quick against the radicals within our own borders and government, because we now live under the Green Scare.

In all seriousness, the cover. (Complete with text too small to read; don’t worry, I transcribe it further down.)
In all seriousness, the cover. (Complete with text too small to read; don’t worry, I transcribe it further down.)

The book intones from the front cover: “How the Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them”. Milloy foreshadows from his website that “Going Green is no longer a Choice; it’s a Government Mandate.” “The Greens” under President Obama seek to control “every aspect of your life and home,” but they are “a looming threat to the economy, our civil liberties, and the entire American way of life.”

The book, released back on March 23rd, has stirred a bit of hullabaloo in its time. In an interview with Newsmax TV, Milloy revealed that the environmentalist movement isn’t even about the environment: it’s a facade for the Greens to advance of their “left-wing, socialist, totalitarian agenda.”

“Even if there was an environmental problem that I could agree with them on, their solution is always going to be more government control.”

I wish I could say he were right.

It’s funny to be labeled the Antichrist by someone, only to find out that, without all their demeaning adjectives– “energy chaos,” “buzzwords,” “wealthy (green) elite”– they present quite a fine argument for yourself.  Government control over energy sources doesn’t bother me.   It’s what I grew up with, but in the opposite direction.  I saw economic policies favorable to oil companies, and I saw ExxonMobil’s profits quadruple in six years, during an oil crisis at that.  I watched it break its own world record for the highest profits an oil company had ever earned, with $45.2 billion in the last year of the previous Admimistration.

In another sense, our energy economy has long come from government already– foreign governments.  Hotspots and occasionally militant regions such as Russia, the Middle East and… Canada… control the world’s oil reserves.  The members of OPEC, for instance, were not elected by U.S. voters, whereas in a U.S.-run energy economy at least they would be.

As someone who’s seen a lack of government control fail, and who’s lost over $100 grand in property values as a result, I don’t mind putting the energy market in the government’s hands either.  The name “Enron” comes to mind.

But if the Greens have an agenda driving their sensationalism, Steven J. Milloy has several backing his.  The majority of the think tanks he works alongside are funded in part by oil companies.

The author himself makes his living as Fox News’ “junk science” commentator and founder of, whose role in the news network is to debunk scientific research and to label it “junk.”  Perhaps there’s a reason he doesn’t think there’s an environmental problem.  As Socialist Upton Sinclair said, quoted ironically in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.”

(Thank goodness I don’t work for someone who pays for me to support their consistent viewpoint.)

That’s all for tonight; you may now return to your respective views.



  1. I’m currently reading Green Hell. You and I are at opposite poles on the issue. In our home, we recycle, compost, use much less energy than the average household. But it’s because we want to be good stewards and want to spend more of our money on what we choose, rather than wasting it on things we don’t choose (garbage collection, etc.). And I definitely don’t want the government (or anyone else) telling me one single more thing that I have to do. It’s freedom of choice.

  2. Looks like we’re on the same pole, then. My household does the same things– we don’t even have a car between us.

    I re-read my article, which was written a while ago. My views aren’t as strong as they sound here. If all environmental initiatives became government programs, I’d worry too.
    And I like choice too, in most matters. But the freedom to pollute? Somebody else takes the hit for that. It’s another lake too toxic to swim in, another change in the acidic content of the rain. I want to be a good steward, but I don’t want anyone else murking up everyone’s air either. That’s one freedom of choice they can take away from me.

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