My First Book has been Released!

Well, Bible-tappers, it is a proud day.  I’m welcoming into the world (wide web) a precious baby e-book.  She weighs in at a mere zero pounds and promises hours of entertainment (this does not apply to speed-readers).  Her name is “The Superwoman’s Husband: a Demigirl Story.”  (Long unique names are very in.  She even has a colon.)

Here’s her first words:

“Demigirl has the weight of the world on her shoulders. No job has as much pressure as the world’s strongest, fastest female superhero’s. So many people depend on her, and she has to be as good a hero as they deserve. On the outside, she is invulnerable, but on the inside, she is cracking. The only peace she gets is at home with Brandon, the one person who she lets close to her … sometimes. The world might need her more than he does. She’s saved everyone else’s day. But can she save her night?”

“The Superwoman’s Husband” is the first in my series of Save Yourself: Hero Stories.  These set out to redeem the genre of superheroes from its tired cliches– and make it human again.

This edition comes with a pet, the short story “The Un-Chosen One” – the tale of a boy destined for greatness, but who really doesn’t care for it.

Come see her online at

-Abe Clabby

Side-note: to follow for more updates about these and other stories, find me on my author page:


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