My Most Viewed Article

I woke up this morning to see I’ve got a visitor from the most far-flung place on the planet: New Zealand.


When I looked at which article they were reading, I wasn’t surprised.

“The Meaning Behind Moana: Myth and Metaphor” was an in-depth movie review I wrote a whole two years ago.  I’d seen Moana in theaters, and was sucked instantly into its world.  Beneath the stunning beauty and typical heartwarming Disney sentiment, I’d found something deeper.  The mythology was loosely based on the religions of many of the Pacific Islands, but it also felt more familiar to me.  This movie was a metaphor for something, and it was begging to be cracked open.  Once I saw it, I had to put it in several thousand words to do it justice.

Since then, it’s been my most-read article I’ve ever written.


Grand total:  12,000 views.

On the internet, it’s easy to get sucked into the comparison trap.  Yes, most everything I’ve seen on YouTube has more views than that.  But that doesn’t mean it meant as much to the reader.  This isn’t a cute dog or a quick movie parody.  This is something to immerse yourself in.  This is worth stopping whatever else you’re doing for a while.

This is a link work sharing.



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