“The 361st Degree,” as the early posts of Week One describe in more depth than the Marianas Trench, is the perspective on a thing that you might never read anywhere else.  If the perspective taken by the blog is familiar, hopefully its reasons will not be.

Abe Clabby, who works under the moniker Bram (as in Bram Stoker, writer of Dracula), is a St. Edward’s Student and converted Austinite.  Although specializing in Journalism, Psychology and most recently the marginalized mouthful known as Environmental Science and Policy, he hopes to pave future careers as a voice actor, songwriter, public speaker, published author, photojournalist, play or cinematic director, cartoonist, costume designer, environmental activist and whatnot.

To solicit any or all of the above services, reach him by his e-mail account, aclabby@stedwards.edu or find out more about him at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/abraham-clabby/17/84/6b3


4 Responses to “About / Sobre ‘361st Degree’”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. DawnielleC said

    Hope to be able to keep up through wordpress, still can’t figure out how to “follow” people though. Guess I will just have to look into it more. Blog looks great, keep it up!

    • bramclabby said

      Thanks there, Dawnielle. I won´t be blogging much, it just feels weird researching in English while surrounded by Spanish. Though I´d like to follow up on the Holocaust Shooter incident, or the flotilla of good and bad movies scheduled for next year.
      Keep in touch via Facebook too, y´hear?

  3. Hello my dear.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you, reading more and the whatnot.

    Do you think that you will blog a bit in Spanish?

    It could be a multi-cultural site. Pretty cool.

    Haven’t read it yet, but the writing is mature.


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